The Golden Wedding Rose

Yellow or Golden Roses were originally discovered growing naturally during the 18th century. Their popularity quickly grew and rose growers began to develop new, hybrid strains of yellow roses that were more vibrant and more beautiful and better smelling. Golden roses have a romantic background The yellow rose has a very romantic and somewhat dark… Read More »

Types of Golden Rose

Yellow roses are a traditional 50th anniversary wedding gift as well as a beautiful way to say ‘I care’ to a friend or loved one. They are beautifully scented, brightly colored and an easy way to cheer someone up. There are hundreds of different types of yellow roses that can be given as gifts; here… Read More »

Wedding Anniversary Gift Traditions

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift can be a tough decision, but luckily, there are many, easy to follow wedding anniversary gift traditions that are both romantic and useful.  Here are a few traditional wedding anniversary gifts for you to consider. First Anniversary Paper It has been a tradition to give paper as a first wedding anniversary… Read More »