Yellow or Golden Roses were originally discovered growing naturally during the 18th century. Their popularity quickly grew and rose growers began to develop new, hybrid strains of yellow roses that were more vibrant and more beautiful and better smelling.

Golden roses have a romantic background

The yellow rose has a very romantic and somewhat dark background. During the 18th century, yellow and golden roses were used to represent jealousy, dying love, unrequited love and heartache.

Young, spurned lovers would wear or purchase yellow roses as a sign of melancholy and low spirits. Today though, yellow roses have a much more positive meaning.

Golden roses for a wedding

One of the most common uses of yellow roses is for weddings. While many people today use golden roses at their gold themed weddings, the original use of the golden rose was for the golden wedding anniversary.

On a fiftieth wedding anniversary, it was traditional for the married couple to be given gifts of gold. A yellow rose makes a very romantic, beautiful golden gift that almost anyone could afford. Golden roses are given as symbols of well-being, longevity and fidelity to married couples.

Beautiful spring flowers

The colour gold has long been associated with the sun and that is perhaps why yellow roses have always been popular as spring flowers. Whether it’s flowers to take to a picnic or to put in the house, yellow roses make a perfect spring ornament.

With their sweet smell, beautiful sunny color, there’s nothing quite better to brighten up a room. Yellow flowers mean spring and speak of warm weather and are often used to improve mood and the air in certain part of a house.

Golden roses are also very fragrant and can be used as a spring scent for a room.

A symbol of friendship

Golden roses are often associated with friendship and make a great friendship gift. The color yellow speaks of warmth, sunshine and appreciation which is why they are often used as symbols of platonic love. If you want to get a friend a gift of appreciation but don’t want to give the wrong impression, yellow roses could be the perfect choice.

They are beautiful and a thoughtful gift while avoiding the romantic undertones of nearly every other rose. Yellow roses are also a very good gift for someone who is sick or in the hospital as they are often used to brighten people’s day without giving an unintended meaning.

The meaning of a golden rose

Golden roses have many meanings and can be used in either a romantic or an unromantic situation. At weddings, they are a symbol of enduring love and value that can be given to the married couple or exchanged by the couple.

In everyday life, golden roses are a symbol of happiness, friendship and warmth.  Yellow roses can be purchased year round as a symbol of joy and can be used to brighten a room, or someone’s day.

They are one of the most diverse roses available and can be used for pretty much any situation! Even a romantic encounter can be brightened by the presence of a few of these beautiful roses.



Yellow roses are a traditional 50th anniversary wedding gift as well as a beautiful way to say ‘I care’ to a friend or loved one.

They are beautifully scented, brightly colored and an easy way to cheer someone up. There are hundreds of different types of yellow roses that can be given as gifts; here are a few of them:

Yellow Hybrid Tea Rose

Yellow hybrid tea roses are characterized by their large size, beautiful shape and mild scent. Hybrid tea roses are the most popular golden wedding anniversary rose because they are almost always perfectly shaped and are the most commonly recognized rose.

Beautiful, golden hybrid tea roses to consider include the Midas Touch, Radiant Perfume, Henry Fonda and Elina. Each of these roses has its own, beautiful and unique characteristics.

For example, the Radiant Perfume is very vibrant in scent, the Elina is very pale in color and the Midas Touch is the most truly gold rose available.


Florabundas are most commonly seen when used in bouquets.

The rose features smaller roses that grow in clusters on a stem. Yellow varieties include Sunsprite, Julia Child and Honey perfume. The flowers range in shades of yellow but all emit a beautiful scent with hundreds of petals per stalk.


Grandiflora Roses are great for giving a small branch of roses as a single gift. The flowers are large to medium sized and grow in clusters on one branch. They have a light, honey scent and are a soft yellow in color.

Short Stem

Short stem or ground cover roses are notable for their very short stems. This makes them highly preferable for use in corsages and as decoration at golden wedding anniversary events. Yellow varieties include the Flower Carpet and the Yellow Ribbon.


Miniature golden roses are great as decoration for children, as a golden rose bouquet or as part of a larger bouquet of flowers. They are distinctive in their tiny and perfect shape that can be as small as a quarter or half dollar.

Golden varieties include the Beehive Gold and the Rise ‘n’ Shine, both of which are noted for their pleasant scent.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are noted for their large, evenly shaped blooms. If you want to give a gift of flowers that are all about uniform in size, climbing roses are an excellent choice. Teasing Georgia, Casino and Pilgrim are all yellow strains of the climbing rose. Teasing Georgia is a very light yellow, fun rose, Pilgrim is a darker, pure yellow rose and Casino is a large pale yellow rose.

Choosing the right rose for your golden wedding celebration is easy. Decide how yellow or gold you need the rose to be, the size you would like it to be and what you intend to use it for. Usually a bouquet of roses calls for climbing, miniature or hybrid tea roses while corsages call for large, even roses such as short stem, climbing or hybrid tea roses. Try selecting them based on availability and suitability for your needs.


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